• Stem Cell Therapy India

    We provide the best hospitality experience in India and the team of expert doctors ensure that best treatment is provided to the patients.
  • Stem Cell Therapy India
    Kidney Failure

    We are a well versed team of scientists and doctors who have successfully treated patients and rid them of the kidney problems.
  • Stem Cells Therapy India
    Muscular Dystrophy

    The treatment offered by the specialists at Stem Cell Therapy India is aimed at establishing better coordination between the muscles and reduced progression.
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Dr. Jawale is a paediatric surgeon and has contributed to the development and inventions of therapies for the treatment of incurable diseases like Cerebral Palsy, Kidney Failure, Muscular Dystrophy, Diabetes, Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2 and aims at improving the lifestyle of the patients.

Expertise and Precision

Since the inception, the Stem Cell Therapy India has been doing pioneering work in treating the genetic, degenerative and neurological disorders, a hope of a better future by revolutionizing the sphere of regenerative medicine. The ability to combine effortlessly to the new development in the medical field with the tried and tested abilities help the patients gain a potential life.

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How Stem Cell Therapy India Help You?

Over the years of continuous analysis and research, sheer hard work and clinical trials, we have embarked on one of the finest method pursued with competitive doctors and medical experts giving you safer and non-toxic solutions with likelihood of healing. We have accelerated in treating patients coming from diverse places globally.

Success Rate Of The Stem Cell Therapy?

We walk by facts and do not make fake promises. When it comes to success rate of the therapy, it is about 50-60% for the patients. The success rate differs according to the severity of the ailment in addition to the type of treatment suggested for the same.

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Stem Cell Therapy India - Treatments and Therapy

Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy

By providing affordable Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy Treatment India with international standard treatment facility we ensure you a happy and healthy life.

Diab. Type 1 Stem Cell Therapy

The cell based therapies at Stem Cell Therapy India is aimed at reducing the depletion of the cells and define a passage for the cells to normally function the insulin

Diab. Type 2 Stem Cell Therapy

It is a metabolic disorder caused by high blood sugar levels, lack of insulin and the hormone produced by pancreas to control the metabolism of sugar in the body.

Kidney Fail. Stem Cell Treatment

The Patients have shown Improvements with enhanced Creatinine level. The comprehensive success rate of Kidney failure Stem Cell Transplant is 65-75% approx.

CP Stem Cell Therapy India

Stem Cell treatment for CP utilizes stem cells to repair brain damage and according to the recent studies, it is possible to treat brain damage through Cerebral Palsy.

Muscular D. Stem Cell Therapy

Currently there is no cure or Muscular Dystrophy but Muscular Dystrophy Stem Cell Treatment Therapy India is a ray of hope in regenerating the lost cells.

Stem Cell Therapy India - Risk-Free and Effective Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy India share expertise in recognizing the potential of improvement in the otherwise incorrigible disease and treat it through therapeutic and risk free stem cell therapy to the conventional medicines.

India has a vibrant stem cell treatment community built on an approach of gaining independency and exploring the comprehensive neuro re-habilitation. "Stem Cell is an origin of an organism's Life"

Stem Cell Therapy India - Expertise from Diverse Fields

The nuero-rehabilitation techniques adopted by us involves and strict and broad regime that is administered by the adroit belonging form diverse fields including physiotherapy, psychology, speech therapy etc.

Stem Cell Therapy India - Analysis Certificate

We make sure that the patient receives correct and necessary stem cell treatment based on the history and the condition he is suffering from. Our personalized and comprehensive treatment plans are defined by the recognized stem cells experts.

Stem Cell Therapy India - Latest Equipments and Technology

At Stem cell therapy India, there are some finest treatment options available with the state of art techniques backed by latest equipment and technology that plays an imperative role in high Quality and successful therapies.

Stem Cell Therapy India - World Class Facilities

With GMP grade compliant and world class facilities and technical expertise, we have been acknowledged for our speciality in stem cell treatment.

Utilizing the regenerative therapy like Stem Cell, we are aimed at providing successful solutions to the patients and contribute in enhancing their quality of life.

Why Choose Us

We utilize only the adult cells that are obtained from the patient's body for the treatment of diseases like Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), Kidney Failure, Muscular Dystrophy and Kidney Failure.
Our advance stem cell therapy works on the Principle of "Right Quality Cells in Right Quantity".
By identifying safe stem cell niche in the body like Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue, we aim at generating 3D Potential for the stem cells to Repair, Regenerate and Rejuvenate.
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