Kidney Failure Stem Cell Therapy/Treatment India

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Kidney Failure Stem Cell Therapy India

By: Dr. Sagar Jawale

Kidney failure patients either have the option of dialysis or death as it disproportionately affects patients with underlying medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease like polyneuropathy and Pancreatitis. Many doctors believed that uncontrolled blood sugar is the primary reason of kidney failure. Well, there is good news.

With the evolution of stem cell therapy in India, the patients suffering with kidney problems, no need to require transplant but it can be reversed with stem with Kidney failure stem cell transplant treatment India. With the Kidney's failure in purifying the fluids, the fluids get collected in the body and begin affecting entire body functionality and leads to swelling in legs and in the due time entire body swells up.

In such cases stem cell therapy is offering an alternative solution. The mesenchymal stem cells are available in various body tissues that can be extracted and purified without any risk to the donor. This treatment is successful in India.

Can Stem cell Therapy in India reverse kidney failure?

Yes, with adequate stem cell therapy in India, it is possible to improve the condition of kidney failure. To date, the most promising findings in India have come from stem cell therapy of kidney failure with Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs have the potential to boost the kidney's natural ability to heal itself.

What Improvements are seen after Kidney Failure Stem Cell Transplant in India?

In India, it is seen that most patients having kidney failure stem cells transplant typically observe improvements in the following expanses:

  1. • BUN and creatinine levels are settling down.
  2. • Filtration of higher quality.
  3. • Minerals and salts are balanced.
  4. • Increase in the length of the cell death cycle.
  5. • The progression of the disease slows down.

What is the Success Rate of Kidney Failure Stem Cell Therapy in India?

In India, the overall success rate of stem cell therapy to reverse kidney failure is between 60 and 80 percent. However, bear in mind that the success rate varies depending on the seriousness of the ailment as well as the type of treatment recommended.

What is The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy to Reverse Kidney Failure In India?

The cost of Stem Cell Therapy, given to reverse kidney failure, in India is 70 to 80 percent than that in foreign countries like The US, The UK, etc.

The cost of stem cell therapy is determined by a variety of medical factors, including the type of stem cell treatment, cell type, number of stem cells needed, stem cell type, hospital stay, pre-treatment investigations, and so on.

Reasonable cost of Stem Cell Therapy India is another cause that is offering patients, n need of Stem Cell Therapy a new ray of hope. The cost of Stem Cell Therapy to reverse kidney failure at Stem Cell Therapy India is relatively low, but the hospital's medical facilities are of the highest quality, meeting international medical standards and using cutting-edge technology.

The dilemma of Every Patient with Kidney Failure

With the surge in the number of cases of Hypertension and Diabetes, Kidney Failure is becoming more prevalent around the world. Throughout the eventuality of Kidney failure, kidney transplantation is considered as the patient's sole hope to deal with this problem for good. But apart from the lack of organ donors, transplantation surgery also poses significant challenges like rejection by the body and immunological suppression for the rest of life. Although dialysis provides a temporary solution for keeping blood's chemical composition under control, it places a financial strain on both the healthcare system and the patient (given the high cost of dialysis in India).

Kidney Failure and Stem Cell Treatment in India

Thus, Kidney Failure Stem Cell Treatment in India is providing a better alternative to organ donation and frequent dialysis visits. This technique improves the condition of the kidneys by using the patient's bone marrow cells and adipose tissues to grow the damaged part of the kidneys. As a result, stem cell treatment also promotes functional independence, lowers potential problems, and decreases suffering. Every kidney failure stem cell Transplant procedure in India involves the transplantation of stem cells taken from adipose tissues and bone marrow. These cells then get involved in the biological regeneration and repair of damaged renal cells.

Kidney Failure Stem Cell Transplant At Stem Cell Therapy India

At Stem Cell Therapy India, we believe that there's always hope and that patients deserve effective and safe therapies. With an in-house medical department, we are self-sufficient. To get the best possible treatment results, we mix internationally recognized next-generation therapies, innovative products, and integrative and effective services. In terms of stem cells, we ensure that the patient obtains the right type, quality, number, and viability of stem cells. Our Patient Advisors may introduce and completely explain your Stem Cell therapy choices to you. So, feel free to reach us at +919370000380.

Deal with kidney failure for good with Kidney failure stem cell t therapy India

Make an appointment with our world-class doctors for treatment of kidney failure if you have a medical history of High Blood Pressure, Diabetes mellitus, Damaged kidney vessels, Kidney Infection, Cyst in Kidneys, Prolonged use of medications, Urinary Tract Blockage and your body is showing symptoms like Abnormal Urination, Puffy Eyes, Edema, Swelled hands and feet, High Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of breath, Stroke, Mental Disorder. If you're facing these conditions then don't ignore them. The highest chance of cure is with early diagnosis. If you wait for the entire list of symptoms, you've waited too long. Kidney Failure stem cell therapy India is offering hopes to all those who have tired of spending tons of money on routine dialysis. We have seen success rate in our Kidney failure stem cell therapy India as high as 80% - 85% but then they are just numbers, every external agent stimulates our body in a different way. That is why every patient responds to kidney failure stem cell treatment India differently. We have encountered patients who responded within a week of the start of our therapy sessions, as well as patients who took around a month to respond to the treatment. Don't let your happiness fade away. Consider Kidney Failure Stem Cell Therapy in India. Our therapy is delivered in such a way that the patient has very little to no side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions for Kidney Failure Stem Cell Transplant

Q1: What alternatives does Kidney Failure Stem Cell Treatment in India offer compared to traditionaloptions?

A: Kidney Failure Stem Cell Treatment India provides a groundbreaking alternative to conventional treatments like dialysis or transplantation. By harnessing the potential of mesenchymal stem cells, this therapy aims to reverse kidney failure, offering hope to patients who would otherwise face limited options.

Q2: What sets apart Kidney Failure Stem Cell Transplant in India in terms of success rates?

A: The success rates of Kidney Failure Stem Cell Transplant India range from 60 to 80 percent. Notably, the success rate varies based on the severity of the ailment and the specific treatment approach. The use of mesenchymal stem cells and the comprehensive care provided at contribute to these favourable outcomes.

Q3: Can Kidney Failure Stem Cell Treatment in India truly be an alternative to organ transplantation?

A: Yes, Kidney Failure Stem Cell Treatment in India provides a viable alternative to organ transplantation. By utilizing the patient's bone marrow cells and adipose tissues, this technique promotes the regeneration and repair of damaged renal cells. It not only improves kidney function but also fosters functional independence.

Q4: How quickly can patients expect to see results with Kidney Failure Stem Cell Treatment in India?

A: The response to Kidney Failure Stem Cell Treatment varies among individuals. Some patients have reported positive changes within a week, while others may take up to a month to respond. Stem Cell Therapy India is committed to delivering treatment with minimal to no side effects, providing patients with renewed hope and improved quality of life.

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Kidney Failure Stem Cell Treatment/Therapy in India

This 20 year old female had a grade 5 kidney disease with S. creatinine of 8.4 mg/dl on hemodialysis 3 times a week from last 2 years. After 3 months of intra-renal stem cell therapy her creatinine is 0.5 mg/dl. She is now off dialysis.

This is world’s first case of its kind where stem cells have been implanted in the kidney through renal artery. Only 2% patients get kidney transplant in India. This kind of therapy is an alternative to kidney transplant and dialysis. I hope kidney transplant can get outdated due to this novel therapy.

The team keeps improving the skills and knowledge and conduct research for inventing the innovation methods of Kidney Failure Stem Cell Transplant Treatment India. The treatment duration is short with zero risks and side effects. You can contact for scheduling an appointment for the best suggestions and stem cell treatment for kidney failure.

Kidney Failure Stem Cell Treatment/Therapy in India Kidney Failure Stem Cell Treatment/Therapy in India
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