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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

By: Dr. Sagar Jawale

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to hold or develop the penis erection for a longer period of time. Erectile Dysfunction is also knows as a cause which leads to impotence.

Best Erectile Dysfunction Stem Cell Therapy India

Dr. Sagar Jawale is a stem cell expert, a doctor turned into a scientist with more than 100 inventions. He has developed more than 30 new therapies and 15 new operations and awarded 10 national and international awards.

Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Caused By

Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol clogs in the blood vessels, Nephritis, Liver malfunction, Anxiety, Diabetic , neuropathy, Alcoholism, Arteriosclerosis, Urethritis, Nicotine dependence, Cushing syndrome. There could be various other factors as well that can cause erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms Of The Erectile Dysfunction?

It is very difficult to get an erection, Difficult to hold the erection, Reduced sexual desires, Mood swings, Soft erection

Best Hospital for Erectile Dysfunction Stem Cell Treatment/Therapy in India

At Stem Cell Therapy India, you will get the best Hospitality Experience and the team of Erectile Dysfunction Stem Cell Experts maintains an international professional standard to ensure the best treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

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