Type 1 Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy/Treatment India

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Type 1 Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy India

By: Dr. Sagar Jawale

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that are expanding in vast figure throughout the world. Diabetes Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that comes from T cell Auto immunity mediated destruction of a large number of pancreatic BETA cells which produces insulin.

By achieving normalized glycemic control and reducing the side effects of synthetic immunosuppression, Stem Cell Therapy is aimed at improving the quality of life. We are a team of paediatrician and researchers that provide well-experimented stem cell treatments for Type 1 Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy Treatment India. Contact us and schedule your appointment today!

For experienced Type 1 Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy India, you can contact us. We always remain updated with the latest innovation in stem cell therapy and utilize cutting - edge technology for providing the best stem cell treatment in India and improve the lifestyle of the patient. Contact us for scheduling your appointment.

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Type 1 Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment/Therapy in India

It usually takes up to 4 months for the stem cells to show up the results. The whole procedure gets completed within the few hours and is painless and safe. The main motive is the restoration and the recovery of the cells. After the completion of the stem cell treatment the new and active cells completely replaces the old ones leaving one feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Type 1 Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy Treatment India

This five year old child with Type 1 diabetes had blood sugar fasting of 157 and after lunch 433. Just after 8 weeks of stem cell therapy, the fasting sugar is 73 and after lunch 78.

Now the child is free of insulin on regular food with sugar and eats two fruits per day and still sugar is normal. The only thing that needs to be watched if he remains sugar free for 3-5 years.

If yes then we have found a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

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