Type 2 Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy/Treatment India

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Type 2 Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy India

By: Dr. Sagar Jawale

Dr. Sagar Jawale performed India's first intrapancreatic stem cell therapy for Type 2 diabetes. Generally, stem cells are only put into the blood. Since pancreas gets only 2% of blood volume, it gets only 2 % of cells put into the blood.

Dr. Kiran Patil, interventional radiologist cannulated the pancreatic artery in cath lab and infused stem cells directly into pancreas with his guidance. With this method the pancreas gets 90-95 % cells. Stem cells were harvested from patient's own 150 ml bone marrow and transplanted within 3 hours.

Such a therapy is 30-50 times more powerful than putting cells into blood. This 20-year-old patient who's blood sugar was 450 despite 50 units of Insulin has gained 5 kg weight gain in just 6 weeks and sugar levels dropped from 450 to 150 in that period. He also gained back his energy levels to pre-diabetic stage.

According to 2 publications, the blood sugar levels drop steadily up to 2 years after single implantation. It took me 2 years to get all the permissions for research. Total treatment cost was just Rs.90,000 instead of Rs 50 Lakhs in USA. If successful over a greater number of patients then we are marching towards a cure for type 1 diabetes.

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Type 2 Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy in India

Diabetes 2 is a metabolic disorder caused by high blood sugar level and lack of insulin and a hormone produced by the pancreas the metabolism of carbohydrate. It is the main reason behind non-traumatic blindness and kidney failure. It is associated with the risk of cognitive dysfunction and dementia, such as Alzheimer and frequent infections. Frequent urination, increased thirst, blurry vision, patches of dark skin always feeling hungry, slow healing of the wound accounts to the main symptoms of the Diabetes Type 2.

The activation of pancreas progenitor calls differentiation and increase the number of Beta precursors. The treatment we met help in reducing type 2 diabetes by completely eliminating the need for dependence on insulin. The Type 2 diabetes stem cell therapy treatment India cases are managed individually and the treatment bases the medical history and tests of the person.

You can contact us when you feel most comfortable and create your personal treatment plan according to your medical history and define your schedule. Our Stem cell therapy for Type 2 diabetes stem cell therapy treatment India helps in regenerating the muscles; normalize the pancreatic function and the neuroendocrine function. You can expect increases insulin level, improvement in general well-being, healing tropic ulcers and complete elimination of the need for artificial insulin. Get in Touch Today!

Type 2 Diabetes Stem Cell Therapy Treatment India

Intrapancreatic stem cell implantation therapy which Dr. Sagar Jawale did 12 months ago, that patient is now free of Insulin. Before therapy he was on 50 units of Insulin and Blood sugar F was 341 and pp of 443, C peptide levels 0.01 and HBA1c 14 indicating zero Insulin production by his pancreas.

Six months after his therapy he is off Insulin and Blood sugar Fasting of 168 and pp of 221, C peptide levels of 0.42 and HBA1c of 7.5. We are certainly marching towards a cure for diabetes.

Dr. Sagar Jawale received invitation from world congress on diabetes to be held in Paris 2020 as a faculty and a keynote speaker for a lecture for 45 minutes.

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